JAGS Wonderland is described as “A Worldbook of Absurd Horror for the JAGS Roleplaying System.” In this review, I’ll actually be covering. JAGS Wonderland has 2 ratings and 1 review. David said: This is a truly remarkable and creative tabletop RPG lending itself to all kinds of whimsy and ho . I love Wonderland. I don’t love JAGS. A rules-heavy system focusing on meat-and -potatoes mundaneness is totally inappropriate a setting like.

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The system is rarely mentioned because almost everything important is left to fiat. The Mysteries of Chessboard Two. A fairly common technique to influence Chessboard Zero is to travel to Chessboard One and briefly manifest one’s Twists.

MrCogmorAug 5, They don’t have the education they need to escape this giant system they are trapped in. This is dark sorcery, ajgs also a very Freudian way of describing it. How you decide to play will determine which rules you focus on but whatever you do, we hope you like it. The areas they inhabit start sprouting conspiracy paraphernalia like marked-up photos, and strange, half-encrypted files. Submit a new link.

He’s still shadowing you though, copying your moves and words in an exaggerated fashion.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Maybe you live here. Jun 22, David Johnston rated it it was amazing Shelves: John rated it it was amazing Jun 02, It’s hinted that some of them have made foul bargains to protect themselves, while others are black magicians or Enlightened Hobos.

JAGS Wonderland: More System and player involvement, Less Fiat?

In your head, of course. The psychological community and most governments refuse to acknowledge CPD as anything more than normal Schizophrenia.


Chessboard Zero is our world: Take a trip down the nearest bleeding mirror, and you’ll find jafs on Chessboard One. They use great bags of sand to create ironic confections. Has wonderlan Twists from the outset and higher Mastery potential. Jafs or at least was a professional actor. Once you’ve been sucked down once, it can happen again with very little warning, and creatures from Wonderland may be able to follow you back. Rather than being described as an environment or a biome, it’s referred to as a “recurrent meme [ I mean, it’s not all GM-fiat and random tables.

When monsters and other inhabitants of Wonderland burrow up to Chessboard One, they cast reflections of their own into our world. Now we get to the introduction, proper. Orange Peel Men are what happens when a paranoid or schizophrenic person is betrayed. People on Chessboard Zero cast Shadows down to lower layers.

Yes, my password is: Do they know their delusions are real? There were always clues in the artwork: I like your Unknown Armies idea though.

FATAL & Friends — JAGS Wonderland

Out of the Hedge The landscape of Chessboard Four isn’t content to stay still. Next, they band together, dress like government agents, and subvert whatever organizations they can into their grand conspiracy.

The book goes back and forth on how much knowledge the players should have going into the game. And for laughs, Baron Munchausen.

Jags isn’t from what I recall the kind of system that out right punishes violent solutions, but they certainly aren’t enough on their own. They really, really should. You can’t help that his feet don’t move an inch as he closes in, looking like some insane perspective trick until your entire field of vision is filled by that grinning, blocky white face. If you think White Wolf games need a warning label, Wonderland is even worse.


It reacts exactly like the you-traveling-the-chessboards. In other words, it’s having conversations on everyday Earth with people who aren’t there, responding to stimuli that doesn’t exist. Their shadows just unwind into long, spooly dudes. Anyway, what would you do to reduce fiat and increase protagonization in Wonderland?

One of them, at least. However, PCs are made of stronger stuff: The landscape changes every hour, on the hour. Despite him standing several meters away from you, and being nowhere near that tall, he crosses the distance between you like its nothing.

People talk about their feelings, keep an eye on one another, and agitate for political change. While many people are simply destroyed, “mutilated,” or undone by twisting, a few–the kind of person who manages to survive initial infection–are actually enhanced by it.

What Alice Found There (JAGS Wonderland)

You can meet things that look and act like people you know on lower levels. Talysman, I just flipped through Wonderland and didn’t see any game stats for the first couple dozen pages.

It’s twisted and hungry and it knows all about you. From the amount of attention they get, it feels like the authors are pushing Underground-heavy campaigns. The characters are cards. Now, I’ll go through the options you’ve got – just keep anything that seems like you firmly in your mind, okay?