Buy La instrucción “Dignitas connubii” a examen: (texto castellano y comentario de sus artículos) by Juan José García Faílde (ISBN: ) from. English: This article analyses Dignitas Connubii in light of M. P. Mitis Iudex, confirming its value and validity as a procedural «instrument» that enables the. instrucciones jerarquía de normas ley proceso de nulidad matrimonial; Language of Keywords: Spanish. English: The Instruction Dignitas Connubii is a .

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She stresses the need for religious institutes to provide formation for the laity in light of the declining numbers of their own members.

The authors leave the reader with an appreciation of religious institutes and their innumerable contributions to the mission of the Church through sponsored works. Likewise, they inform as to the civil and canonical norms that order and protect such institutions. The book is a fine introduction to the concept of sponsorship.

Perhaps the authors will consider a second text addressing various unions and mergers of sponsored works and the civil and canonical implications attending such restructurings.

La vigencia de la Instrucción Dignitas Connubii a la luz del M. P. Mitis Iudex.

These reconfigurations are presently taking place to meet the needs of people with great prudence and accountability onthepartofreligiousinstitutes. Majorsuperiors,canonists,civillawyers and other interested persons coonnubii welcome this text and anticipate a future one offering an analysis and evaluation of such developments.

It contains papers presented by various authors, as well as connuibi Appendix containing a bilingual Latin-Spanish text of Dignitas connubii DC. Although each of the authors had been assigned a certain section of the Instruction, the present volume is not an article-by-article combook reviews the jurist mentary.


EBSCOhost | | “Dignitas Connubii” y Ia jerarquía normativa.

Often theoretical, it tends to highlight certain portions of the Instruction to the exclusion of others. Generally well-footnoted, the volume suffers from an uneven treatment of the subject, as might be expected in a compilation such as this. After a brief general introduction by Franz Daneels, Javier Otaduy provides a very detailed and useful analysis of the normative principle of DC, arguing that it is a re-ordering of the procedural law, not merely an instruction.

He offers an insightful analysis of the parts of DC which are iuxta legem, praeter legem, and contra legem. His comments would be well worth reading by any serious student of the law. He then highlights various sections of DC: Unfortunately, he also engages in a ten-page diversion concerning impugning a marriage after the death of a spouse and third party interventions in a case.

However, he provides a well-footnoted historical summary of the right to accuse a marriage which would be valuable to anyone doing research in this area. His comparison between the CIC and DC in the areas of the petitionthe citation and notification of the parties, the formulation of the doubt, the absence of the parties, and the cessation of the instance by death, neglect, renunciation, and abatement is particularly useful, especially for those who teach the law.

Gil de las Heras treats proofs, incidental clnnubii, publication and conclusionhighlighting twenty different areas of DC, while paying particular attention to nuances and additions to CIC. Despite extensive footnotes, the presentation of Llobel on the juridic weight of DC If you would like to authenticate using a different subscribed institution that supports Shibboleth authentication or have your own login and password to Project MUSE, click ‘Authenticate’.


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