Ihtijaj (Argumentation) [Abu Mansur Ahmad Tabarsi, Saiyyed Amir Husayn Sarkishian] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the introduction. Al–Ihtijaj by Allama Abu Mansur Ahmad Tibrisi Vol Uploaded by Syed Naqvi. Islamic Urdu Book. Copyright: Attribution Non-Commercial (BY-NC). Download. Al-Tabarsi and the Distortion of the Qur’an. Al-Tabarsi mentions in his book al- Ihtijaj (vol. 1 pg. ) while discussing the argument of Amir al-Mu’minin `Ali radiya Llahu `anhu.

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Al-Tabarsi [1] mentions in his book al-Ihtijaj vol. I have here with me the complete Book of Allah of which not a single letter has been omitted. A sheep came and ate a scroll while the scribes were writing and whatever was on it is also gone.

Noori Tabarsi and his Book – Shia/Sunni Dialogue –

Now you tell me: Then he plotted that Khalid ibn al-Walid should kill him, but he failed to do so. They also believe that Islamic values did not receive its share of being implemented, and practical demonstration of the basic principles of Islam was not achieved. At the same time they refer to the era of terror and blood-shedding, which was meted out by the Safavids, as the golden era.

And indeed, there is among them a party who alter the Scripture with their tongues. Therefore He resorted to these inferences and made their hearts and eyes blind to them, because of the negligence they would perpetrate and so forth.

But Allah had already decreed from before that He would establish proof upon His creation, as Allah says:. Say, With Allah is the far reaching i.

Allah covered ihtinaj eyes and set veils upon their hearts from pondering over it that is why they left it as is, and He veiled it from those who would seek to distort it. The successful ones are enlightened to it, while the wretched ones are blind to it, and he to whom Allah has not granted light — for him there is no light.


The first category is equally known to all, i. Indeed Allah, through His infinite mercy and kindness to His creation, through His gracefulness and His knowledge of what the ijtijaj will do in terms of changing His Book; divided His words into three categories.

The first category is known by the ignorant and the knowledgeable alike. The second category is known only by the one whose mind is pure, whose perception is very subtle, and who has the ihtiijaj of differentiation of what is correct, from those whose chest Allah has expanded towards Islam. The final category consists of that which is known only to Allah, His Trustees the Imams and those firm in knowledge. He who obeys the Messenger has obeyed Allah.

Indeed, Allah confers blessing upon the Nabi, and His angels ask Him to do so. O you who have believed, ask Allah to confer blessing upon him and ask Allah to grant him peace. As this verse has an apparent meaning and an esoteric meaning. The apparent meaning is:. The inner meaning here is, surrender completely to the one whom He recommended and appointed as a successor, whom He has favoured upon you, and that which He has lhtijaj him. Tabagsi is the category which I mentioned its meaning is only known by the one whose mind is ihitjaj, whose understanding is profound, and whose skill of differentiation is correct.

Similarly the following verse:. Peace upon the family of Yasin [10]. As they omitted other verses.

Shaykh Tabarsi

And avoid them with gracious avoidance. So what is the matter with those who disbelieve, hastening from before you, O Muhammad. To sit on your right and your left in separate groups? Does every person among them aspire to enter a garden of pleasure?

Al-Ihtijaj In English? – Off-Topic –

ihtijjaj Indeed, We have created them from that which they know. Mention, O Muhammadthe Day We will call forth every people with their record of deeds.

He says in the first volume pg. Taqiyyah is also needed in breaking this clear knowledge jhtijaj is firm within the hearts of the one who disagrees and the one who agrees of following and obeying them as well as being pleased with them, the other reason also is that; these people of corruption in iihtijaj past [16] and present time [17] are more than the people of truth. So be patient, O Muhammadas were those of determination among the messengers. There has certainly been for you in the Messenger of Allah an excellent pattern.


This response is sufficient for you on this topic; indeed tbaarsi law of Taqiyyah prohibits the explicit mention of anything more. If I were to explain in detail everything that was omitted, changed, distorted and whatever is under this topic, it would be a long discussion. Let him reveal to the people of depth the high status and high rank which was experienced by this elite. This book is a reliance of great scholars and investigators even though much of the ahadith are Mursal ahadith.

The fact of the matter is that the great level of reliability that the author holds has cultivated in the hearts of the later authors reliance upon the book and quoting from the book without investigating thoroughly the asanid of each hadith. Al-Bahrani mentions in al-Kashkul vol. Al-Khowansari says in Rowdat al-Jannat vol. When they were asked to stop the butchering in these three areas, followed by United Arab Emirates, they refused completely.

In the initial stages when the Iranian revolution broke out against the previous Shah, he was convicted with some allegations; one of them was the crime of excluding Bahrain and not including it in Iran. But Allah had already decreed from before that He would establish proof upon His creation, as Allah says: He further says vol. He then explains to us these three categories vol. The apparent meaning is: Similarly the following verse: He says in volume 1 pgs.