Huawei Technologies Proprietary HUAWEI U-SYS SoftX SoftSwitch System Operation Manual – Configuration Guide VR Huawei. Support for Multi-Country-Code and Multi-Area-Code .. HUAWEI. U-SYS SoftX SoftSwitch System. Technical Manual – System Description. HUAWEI. U-SYS SoftX SoftSwitch System. Operation Manual No part of this manual may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any.

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Data compression can increase the rate of data transmission, implement efficient bandwidth usage, and adapt to low-bandwidth access such as dial-up access.

A-1 Appendix B Acronyms and Abbreviations Do not delete the file ppt. The help home page is displayed in the right window, as shown in Figure The verify code generate from source file is not equal to the one stored in verify file. It specifies important operating system programs or application programs that can be executed. However, the core file list is not modified accordingly so that the server software cannot be started. After the completion, the SysPatron takes the related handling measures based on verification results and specific configuration.

If exceptions occur frequently, the disk space must be more larger so as to ensure the normal log backup.

The size of the log file increases with the running time of the system patron. You can install one of them. The default is C: Value range 10— Default value For parameter values out of the value range, the default value is The SysPatron is started to carry out process monitoring, timing detection and alarm production.

Timing system integrity checker Starting timing verification. Compared with other compression and encryption technologies, data compression and encryption of port level can operate lower layer data directly with fast operating speed and good security. Comprehensive functions and have a small effect on Windows operating system program and other application programs.


Value range 0—23 Default value For parameter values out of the value range, the default value is 0. The following describes the specific steps in configuring IP address and ports.

Means a complementary description Environmental Protection This product has been designed to comply with the requirements on environmental protection. Subnodes are spread when you click the corresponding node. In this case, reinstall the SysPatron.

It includes the following parts: Meanwhile, the RAC checks connection requests from maintenance terminals to ensure the security of the system based on the maintenance terminal access strategy. It specifies related parameters about the system integrity timing detection, including the detection time and detection requirements.

To ensure the remote maintenance security, some authentication records must be deleted; that is, the RAS should authenticates requests from the RAC again. If necessary, tick the checkbox before the corresponding osftx3000.

That is to say, you can just operate remote maintenance on one of the maintenance terminals. If you still cannot solve problems, contact Technical Support Department of Huawei.

U-SYS SoftX BAM User Manual |

Processing Programs or Files Infected If you confirm that an program or file on the server is infected, proceed the following for processing. The RAS accesses Internet directly. The log file is a text file; the default file name is ppt. The meanings of the shortcut icons in Figure are shown in Table If the target server in maintenance requirements has been configured in the server access strategy, the authentication is successful and the operator can carry out maintenance operations on the maintenance terminal.

Symbols Eye-catching symbols are also used in the manual to highlight the points worthy of special attention during the operation. These objects, especially the performance entities of these object groups for instance, trunk group, office direction, each destination codeaffect the calling performance greatly.


Sets automatic refresh parameters. Source file not exists. Its strong points are that with the easy operation and maintenance, it is not upgraded frequently; it can resist latest viruses and provide customized interfaces, abundant logs and alarms.

The default value is 10 minutes. When CPU utilization exceeds the parameter value, the system patron stops the timing detection.

U-SYS SoftX3000 BAM User Manual

IP addresses are displayed below the server icons. For specific parameter descriptions of the segment, see Table B-1 to Table B By now, the RAS background service is started.

Start to check programs and files in the core file list. A server with the IP address of It also transfers or intercepts service data from application servers to servers. For example, the source file test. Refreshes all the connection statuses.

The SysPatron cannot protect against all types of viruses. After the check, the RAC begins to collect and transmit maintenance data from maintenance terminals, and receive responses from the RAS and transmit it hhawei the ,anual maintenance terminals. Default value If the parameter is set to empty, the system backs up the log file under the subdirectory LogDir of the installation directory. No matter whether they have correct verification files or they are in the core file list, the system enables their running.

Also, it teaches you on how to install, maintain, and operate the product.