HBM. A en. 1. Scope of supply. • Digital torque transducer (rotor and stator). • T12 Mounting Instructions. • Quick Start Guide for installing the T T12 CANbus/PROFIBUS. HBM. A en. CANopen interface. The CANbus is connected via male device connector 4 or 5. A maximum of. 32 CAN. The innovative digital torque transducer T12 is an ultra-high precision torque transducer for test benches and industrial use.

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T12 – EU Declaration of Conformity. In case the file is not available yet, it can be downloaded from the HBM Support site. Message 4 of Anke Thanks for the information. Choose the matching device from the listed devices here: Automotive and Embedded Networks.

The delay is needed to sort of slow the measurement down. This sounds like exactly what we need to do!

Automotive and Embedded Networks: They cannot be used as the basis for any warranty or liability claims. My workday has just started and morning coffee break is still to come. Ok, the spell check got the better of me The multi channel data acquisition system measures and controls in real-time t2 is ideal for production processes and quality assurance. Torque measurement isn’t affected.

  ASTM D2555 PDF

Automotive and Embedded Networks

The name of the selected device is written in bold letters with the endorsement active. Torque comes through just fine but speed doesn’t. Are the basic instructions eg read data, common over the different “flavours” of CAN?

We’ll go back to research this problem and post if anything new appears. Integration of CAN-modules, T12 torque transducer. I hope this message makes some kind of sense. Message 8 of T12HP – Mounting Instructions. The situation is actually quite frustrating since the program works in principal, but the more trivial part of tuning the measurement rate down causes trouble we can’t get our hands on.

Hi Drew, and thanks for the fast response!

HBMshop See prices, availability and get an instant quote. It is suitable for test bench concepts with challenging torque and speed measurements.

communicating with an HBM t12 torque transducer – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

High bandwidth Mechanical limit value monitoring Diagnosis of the measurement process Integrated temperature measurement. T12HP – Technische Zeichnung.

The broadcasting method didn’t produce any kind of spiking in the torque value but the speed value acts like the way I mentioned in my previous posts. Please click here to download CAD files. Me and my colleague ran some more tests with the programs and the results are: If I monitor the bus with PcanView, it shows that the speed value is indeed there, only the read fails.

  ATTP 2-01 PDF

The T12HP torque h12 offers exceptional precision and superior performance for dynamic measurements in test benches to increase efficiency and optimize functionality. Message 2 of Get a quote now! Additional NI Product Boards: Message 6 of However all this is a bit scary. The current Baudrate g12 shown. Now choose the CANopen Manager and add it. In the window that opens up, select the CANbus and add it. One torque sensor, multiple functions — only T12HP can do this.

On my hhm the transducer has nominal torque of Nm.