Work & Life of G. M. Syed. A national leader of the Sindhi people who struggled for human rights, democracy, secularism and freedom of Sindh. Saeen G M Syed . Sayyidu, Jī. Em., The Case of Sindh: G.M. Sayed’s Deposition for the Court (HTML at ); [Info] Sayyidu, Jī. Em., A Nation in. KARACHI: A book highlighting the events of Sindh since the Talpur rule to The programme to launch Sindh Kahani ain G.M. Syed, written by.

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Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Inauguration ceremony of Mohmand dam postponed. But even though religious parties have remained to be weak in the province, certain social and economic fissures being caused by the rapid emergence of Sindhi-speaking middle-classes has boks witnessed a very non-Sindhi phenomenon of religious radicalisation creeping in.

This is one of unique books given its publication time in Pakistan.

G.M. Syed (Author of Sindhudesh)

A majority of them arrived from various Indian villages, towns and cities especially from North India. Ali Gohar marked it as to-read Aug 23, You twisted the meaning of it. You are a doctor, but it seems you are of the kind “Dr” Amir Liaqat is. A good number of them started adding “Syed” prefix to their names knowing “Syed’ were revered and respected. The Sindhi-speaking middle-class has expanded in the last three decades.

Younus Maher, editor of Sindhi newspaper Halchal, said the book contained huge historical documents, which could help as rich references for the students of history and the common man. Their children born in Pakistan are not Muhajir. Retrieved from ” https: Shabir Chandio rated it it was amazing Aug 02, He himself called upon the next Khilafat Conference on 17th March in his hometown Sann.


Mr Shah said present-day politics required evolving a strong narrative to fight the case of Sindh and strive for the rights of the province. Party atmosphere set to sweep across major cities in Asia and other boos as the clock ticks past midnight. Party atmosphere set to sweep across major cities in Asia and other continents as the clock ticks past midnight.

Saeen G. M. Syed | The Online Books Page

Sindh’s first people’s politician G. Comments 47 Closed Popular Newest Oldest. He thought this was vital because religious orthodoxy when used as a political and social tool becomes a weapon in the hands of forces that try to seize and neutralise a pluralistic society like Sindh by imposing a cosmetic homogeneity through monolithic concepts of society, culture and faith.

Sindhi are one of the peaceful nation on earth. Dutch academic, Oskar Verkaaik, during his field study in Sindh incame across shops that had portraits of ZA Bhutto hanging on the walls right beside those of GM Syed.

Retrieved 24 May Saeen G M Syed, a visionary leader who pioneered the Sindhi freedom movementremains a beacon of the Sindhi people’s struggle for national self-determination. The “son of the soil” argument died on the 14th of August when Pakistan gained independence as a Muslim state for Indian Muslims who bookss to live in it.

Aazad Qazi added it Feb 20, Had to read it thrice to get the depth of the analysis done here by NFP, very detailed. For his part as a political thinker, literary figure and mystic, he dominated the political arena of pre syex post-partition era for decades, while he remained in jail for 30 years. His books are on numerous subjects, ranging from literature to politics, religion and culture.


He first attended Khilafat Conference held on 7th, 8th, and 9th February in Larkana. And rather ironically, during perhaps the largest such movement the MRD uprising in the interior of SindhSyed did not take any part.

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G. M. Syed

Yet, most of the movements and protests against sindhl Zia dictatorship took bopks in Sindh. We should remember that Sindh was the part of Bombay Presidency. The MQM eventually broke the electoral hold of the religious parties in Karachi and succeeded in organising and reinventing the Mohajirs of Sindh as a distinct ethnic group. Non-violence Democarcy Secularism Seperation of religion and state National self-determination Unity among all south assian nations and states Social and economic equality for all Click here to read his brief biography Outsiders should mind their own business, and should only concentrate on issues affecting the province they belong to.

Sep 11, After partition, the Lalaji migrated to Bombay and even Hong Kong.

G M Syed Memorial Award. Retrieved 25 May