Datums , Priekšmets Ķīmija, Aprēķinu uzdevumi vidusskolai, Tēma Šķīdumu pagatavošana. Datums , Priekšmets Ķīmija, Aprēķinu. Senega~nik, J. Geografija Evrope v {olskih textbooksh evropskih dr`av. . Jankevics, J., Melbārde, Z. Pasaules Ģeogrāfija Vidusskolai. Rīga. Zinātniskā konference: Ģeogrāfija. Ķīmijas mācību programmas un tematiskie plāni vidusskolai. Rudzītis G., Gorskis M. Vispārīgā ķīmija vidusskolai.

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Planning and organisation of practical work 27 1. Besides the programme director prof. Methods of Experimental Physics.

Length and scope of study programme. Personas who have attained secondary education by the year not inclusiveas well as persons who have attained secondary education abroad, or persons with special needs can participate in the common competition for rights to register for studies in certain study programmes based on successful not lower than 4 average annual marks in the education documents:. Total in the section A. During seminars students learn to present their knowledge to others and to participate in discussions.

Chemistry study methodology, serial editions. Academic personnel recruitment, rejuvenation, training and development policy Laboratory of plant and micro-organisms genetics Geographic information systems laboratory Plant cells biology laboratory Ethology laboratory. Advertisement and informative editions on study options in the programme Students can use funds and reading rooms of the Central Library, as well as branch libraries included in the unified library network:.

Costs of equipment purchase and upgrading.

Servicing the students of Geography Department and study process, entering of student data in the Vidudskolai data capturing geografijz LUIS, administration of filing documents: The objective of study programme implementation, targets and planned results In order to ensure efficient use of new infrastructure, to develop respective study courses and integrate these in the study programmes, financing in the ESF format has been attracted:.


The size of space per one student is shown in the Table 5. L 50, S Order No study achievements are evaluated in the generally accepted 10 points system.

Jaunumi sadaļā “Virtuālā skola”

Assessment criteria are known to students and have been explained geeografija the course descriptions available in the UL IT system. Curtis Vanessa Curto M. Mathematical methods for chemistry teachers.

Branch specific theoretical and professional specialisation courses in each study course cover 32 credit points. Lectures, seminars and practical works are done in 7 classrooms m 2. To perform periodic analysis of monitoring data.

Jaunumi sadaļā “Virtuālā skola”

If such need would arise to ensure employees and students of the Geography and Earth Sciences Faculty with necessary monitoring data. To perform ongoing meteorological monitoring according to required methodology. Perspective assessment of the study programme from the view of Geografina state interests 13 1. Pedagogical practical work I — practical work of pedagogical, psychological observations and introduction into professional qualification practice 10 CP.

Three point and alternative assessment is also practised. Study programme has wide development opportunities:. Research activities in chemistry. This cooperation allows receiving direct vieusskolai about the education policy executed by this institution. Storing, renovation including restoration and issue registration of cartographic materials in accordance with Regulations. Elective course biology, environmental science, earth science, physics for natural sciences or higher mathematics.


Maintenance of the IT network and computers, software installation, users registration. Enrolment requirements geogragija anisation of study programmes 25 1. Core theoretical courses in the particular branch visusskolai 36 credit points. Organic chemistry I and II.

No PS 14 parison of study programme with similar study programmes viduskolai 1. Depending on the specialisation of Biology Faculty laboratories, they have the following tasks in the study programme:. Chairs of the BF: Over the last years number of participants in meetings of sections representing geography sciences has grown. This kind of cooperation is very important, as it ensures direct contact of high schools with school pedagogues and provides for their life-long education.

Branch specific theoretical specialisation courses. History of chemistry nature sciences.

Introduction to Regional Geography. Cooperation of chemistry and vidussiolai sciences teachers study course teachers with foreign partners:.

Developing an improved chronology of the southern margin of the Scandinavian ice sheet.

The history of chemistry and developmental tendencies. Programme contains balanced mix of various teaching methods. Independently follows amendments of legislative acts, informs and consults heads of laboratory and department on legislative acts regulating the economic activities and UL internal documents.