Buy GIGABYTE GA-7N PRO2 (A) NVIDIA nForce2 Ultra ATX AMD Motherboard with fast shipping and top-rated customer you know. Form factor: ATX mm x mm. CPU socket type: Socket Front Side Bus: MHz FSB MHz FSB MHz FSB. Memory: 4 DIMM. The Gigabyte Technology GA-7N Pro2 is a Motherboard designed for use with PC systems, which support ATX form factor. Built around the NVIDIA nForce2 .

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Home Help Login Register. GA 7N Pro2 motherboard. May 11, Check for viruses on you computer.

Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro2 Manuals

Vezina 10 If it s not broken, fix it until it is! May 12, Thats the error that shows up when the driver loaded for the HDD controller is wrong. AHCI driver is not good or it s not laoded. Otherwise use IDE Mode.

Don t know what are the BIOS settings that you pri2 having though.

My thought would be that with that mb you have to use an ide drive for the os, on ribbon one, position one, toggled as a master. I don’t believe that that vintage board knows how to boot from a sata drive even in position 0.


Hense, your install can’t see the sata drive you’re installing to, and the win installer does not see it as a bootable drive. May 13, Does it support AHCI? You can download and install drivers from Silicon Image site as well.

May 14, Hello again Same Error You have to use the Silicon Image driver ,it s a little lower on the download section ,you ve loaded the wrong one. Here is a link to the Silicon Image drivers.

Gigabyte Technology GA-7N Pro2, Socket A, AMD Motherboard | eBay

May 15, I still believe that gs-7n400 mb will not support booting from sata because the southbridge does not support ahci. If you go into control panel and find the card it will show you what chip is available for flashing. I don’t believe the is. As to the raid vs base setting, I’d select raid to see if it will boot of the raid array disk0.

GA-7N Pro2 (rev. 1.x) | Motherboard – GIGABYTE Global

As to what the gigabyte and vendors sites say about supporting ahci, if the southbridge chip will not then the drivers do nothing. It should work ,that is my opinion. There may be more drivers available ,but after you succeed installing XP you can swap them around and find the best of them.


The BASE mode allows you do use optical drives. If you don t use the PATA controller you can turn it off. In GigaRaid Rpo2 I have two option: I noticed someting on my screen: Take a look on the Silicon Chips chip on the board and see what name has exactly. Maybe there are other websites where you can find an older driver maybe better suited.

May 16, ,