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The invention relates to a compressed gas gun for pellets, in particular jxgd rifle or a Faustwaf fe, having a run bore barrel, in which a projectile according to the triggering of an Ab reference system by expanding pressurized gas speeded up is, and leaves this run at the mouth, wherein this pipe is prefixed with outlet opening.

Die maximale Austrittsgeschwindigkeit liegt damit fest. When bullets are for competitions with compressed gas guns, the so-called. Pellets of caliber 4.

The maximum exit speed is thus determined. The length of the run is determined by different specifications.

On the other hand, the optimum length of the calibrated and usually rifled barrel, the projectile is limited by the accelerating pressure energy. When compressed gas guns with relatively short run lengths, it is possible to reduce by rejuvenating the barrel bore in the muzzle variations in dispersion jagf. Diese Laufausgestaltung ist technisch relativ aufwendig. This running design is technically relatively complex.

Despite the observation and optimization of the above he mentioned, the precision of a compressed gas gun be tuning parameters also including grain carrier pipes to extend the line of sight still occur relatively large variations in dispersion pattern in compressed gas guns to.

A generic pressurized gas gun is disclosed in DE-Z. Bei letzterer bewegen sich die Druckgase im Ultraschallbereich, wodurch das Projekt nach Austritt aus dem Lauf durch Lenkung der Gase auf eine ideale, gerade Linie zentriert werden kann.

In the latter, the compressed gases move in the ultrasonic range, so the project can be centered upon exiting the barrel by directing the gases to an ideal straight line. Starting from this prior art, the inventor has made the task of the scatter in the results forming a compressed gas gun using simple technical means possible to further verbes fibers.

Surprisingly, it was found that an elongation of the drawn barrel exerts a positive influence on the shot katalo when certain degree are relationships observed. Astonishingly good results were images with a barrel bore fortset collapsing bore extension achieved when these offered frankoia conventional caliber projectile on the piston-distant end of an exit diameter of about 18 mm according to the invention.


The length of katalgo extension bore could be varied according to the invention without substantial Variegated tion of the shot image between the mm. A favorable certain embodiments of the extension or the sleeve inner mold have been found, such as a to extention bore via the effective length of preferably about mm extending cylindrical Ver whose diameter is preferably the off occurs diameter of about 18 mm ent speaks, or an extension bore extending extends from the mouth level of the barrel to the outlet opening conical.

DE4037451C3 – Compressed gas gun for pellets, especially gun or fist weapon – Google Patents

Inventive significance are also combined forms in which the extension bore of a composed at least in the target direction conical Erwei ternden portion and at least a cylindrical portion, whose diameter is larger than the diameter of the barrel bore and at most as great as the outlet diameter.

At the transition from the mouth of the barrel bore extending bore there is an annular bottom magd is perpendicular to the running longitudinal axis, is sharp, or at least one of the portions of the exten approximately bore, forms a rounded transition. The mentioned training of extension by ei ne patch sleeve brings cost-related advantages, as the rifled barrel is shorter in overall length. Also, the sleeve can be made of a material with a different specific weight.

Calaméo – Katalog Jagdreisenfabrig cc Fuer Druck

The extension of the invention can be applied with equal kataloog success in all kinds of compressed gas-shot, no matter whether it is delt with such weapons to guns or handguns han. Dabei spielt es auch keine Rolle, ob die Druckener gie aus einem Federdrucksystem, aus Druckgaspatro nen z. CO 2 Patronen oder aus einem ein- oder mehr zylindrigen Pumpsystem stammt.

In this case also, katalof does not matter whether the Druckener energy from a spring pressure system from NEN Druckgaspatro z.

8X57IR | Jagd Online Shop –

CO 2 cartridges or is derived from a single or multi-cylinder internal pumping system. Figures 2 to frnkonia different embodiments to FIG. The diameter E measured for standard competition pellets of the caliber D of 4. As a transition between the barrel bore 19 and the extension hole 22 se A is perpendicular to Laufach flat and thus sharp-edged ring einstufenartiger ground 25 is formed, whereas the transition in the embodiment of FIG.


The inside of this sleeve 30 corresponds to the embodiment of Fig. There were performed with clamped weapons execution invention attempts. The best result was provided with an extension 20, 30 and an effective length n of mm with, for example egg nem air gun achieved, the length of the barrel bore was 19 chosen so that the projectile leaves this as soon as the expanding gases, the projectile is no longer appreciably accelerate.

The sleeve 30 or the extension 20 carries – as not represented – a front Zieleinrich tung in the form of grain, tung a rear Zieleinrich is assigned to the weapon.

30-06 Munition

Compressed gas gun for pellets, especially gun or fist weapon, with a run bore comprise the barrel, in which a projectile after triggering ei nes deduction system by expanding pressurized gas be accelerated is and allowed this run at the mouth ver, said a pipe is placed in front of outlet orifice, characterized in that the interior of the tube 20, 30 the Laufboh tion 19 prolonging coaxial bore 22, 23 whose outlet mouth framkonia has an exit diameter e of about 18 mmwherein the distance n of the outlet mouth frznkonia of the through orifice 17 of the barrel 18 certain mouth plane M is 45 mm to mm.

Firearm primarily for sporting purposes comprises a barrel extension pipe which is made of a fiber reinforced composite material. Forschungsbericht ” Zwischenballistik ” von K. Method for optimizing injection nozzle for internal combustion engine, involves sliding nozzle body and needle axially in bore of body, where particle swarm optimization is used for geometric arrangement of frankonis.

Firearm for long flight duration projectiles has fire guidance system with target data acquisition and adjusters for sight tube on weapon. Launching device for underwater weapon – is designed to receive cartridge which carries projectile.

Concealing flash from gun muzzle – involves tube which is fitted over iagd part of gun barrel.

Cartridge, comprises a sleeve with a front guide and a rear guide, rigidly fixed fins, a cover and at least one base opening. Laser pistol and process for converting a conventional pistol into a laser pistol. Projectile with perforated cone-shaped tail, in particular for shooting practice.