Home arrow Military Publications – Field Manuals – USAHEC arrow FM Mine/Countermine Operations. Reference URL. Share. Save to. Field Manual (FM) provides United States (US) armed forces with tactical, technical, and procedural guidance for conducting mine and countermine. Field Manual FM Mine/Countermine Operations at the Company Level [ Department of the Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Change FM30 Septemberas follows: File this transmittal sheet in front of the publication.

This change includes Change 1, 30 June Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. By Order of the Secretary of the Army: To be distributed in accordance with the initial distribution numberrequirements for FM A Installation Using the M Fuse A Removal Using the M Fuse Firing Devices and Activators A Arming and Disarming D-1 MSeries Mine Canister D Outside Friendly Territory D Within Friendly Territory D Scatterable Minefield Warning D Scatterable Minefield Report and Record E-5 M16 Antipersonnel Mine E-5 M18A1 Antipersonnel Couhtermine F Recording and Mine-Data Tracking Methods of actuating mines AHD incorporating a release mechanism AHD not attached to the mine Tactical versus protective obstacles Vehicle mine encounter probability versus minefield density TF obstacle-intent integration and priorities Example of minefield resourcing Marking of minefields and obstacle groups Sample obstacle-turnover work sheet Volcano disrupt and fix minefields Volcano turn and block minefields MOPMS emplacement and safety zone MOPMS in a disrupt minefield Fmm in a fix minefield SLAM in bottom-attack mode SLAM in side-attack mode SLAM in timed-demolition mode SLAM in command-detonation mode Hornet reinforcing a conventional minefield Hornet reinforcing a Volcano minefield Hornet gauntlet obstacle one cluster Hornet gauntlet obstacle platoon Hornet-enhanced turn-and fix-obstacle groups Buried mine with pressure plate Buried mine with tilt rod Buried and concealed mines Operatoins requirements computation work sheet Step-by-step procedures for completing operationw minefield requirements computation work sheet Laying a minefield continued Laying countermije IOE short row Sample countermne feeder report Laying a row minefield Measuring distances between mines with sandbags Sample DA Form for a row minefield front Sample DA Form for a row minefield back Standardized disrupt and fix row minefields Standardized turn row minefield Standardized block row minefield Arrangement of clusters in a operxtions strip IOE baseline with short strips Clusters on an IOE short strip Minefield lanes and gaps Laying and fusing mines Sample DA Form R Mine-blade width compared to track-vehicle widths Mine-roller width compared to track-vehicle widths CEV with mine rake NATO standard marking for limited visibility Sweep teams in echelon Area clearance site layout Sample enemy obstacle report Sample route status 20-332 Sample mine incident report Sample DA Form front side for river mining Sample DA Form inside for river mining Building sketch and mine plan DA Form Probable M14 AP mine emplacement Probable M16 AP mine emplacement Probable M18A1 AP mine emplacement AT mine emplacement in urban areas AT mine emplacement in industrial and transportation areas Typical electric and nonelectric booby traps Sample DA Form front side for a booby-trapped area Sample DA Form inside for a booby-trapped area Improvised nonelectric FDs shear-pin operated Improvised nonelectric FDs spring-operated Improvised, electric delay devices Improvised, nonelectric delay devices HE, artillery-shell AT device Removal of safety clip A-4 xiii C2 Page Figure A Bottom view of M14 mine M16A1 mine and M25 countermien Buried mine with a trip wire Metal collar on an M fuse Greasing the M fuse Tightening the fuse with the extension rod M15 mine in the hole Assembly of the extension rod into the mie ring Removal of safety pin