Show Up by David France Networking on Purpose by Beth Bridges Little Black Book of Connections by Jeffrey Gitomer Endless Referrals by Bob Burg Love Is. Endless Referrals, Third Edition by Bob Burg, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. In this getAbstract summary, you will learn: How to attract an endless supply of qualified prospects;; How to build mutually beneficial relationships with new.

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You may have even handed out a few business cards thinking you were doing it.

True networking has one purpose: This and only this referrale be the reason that makes those people buy what you offer. However, how do you become one of these trustworthy, likable people? Bob Burg believes that the answer to this question lies in the way you communicate.

You should place the focus on the other person and make them talk about themselves; you should do the referring first and so on. Burg continues to remind you throughout the book that selfless help will get you many benefits. Bob Burg is a writer, speaker and founder and president of a communications company in Jupiter, Florida.


Because this simple, yet powerful list of prospects will boost your confidence and fuel your belief in your product and service.

Endkess list will also enable you to kee and emotional distance from the process of sales since you will no longer worry constantly about where you will find another prospect if you do not close the current one. If you are in the sales business, you should know by now that the best and most reliable way to build a sales practice is to have a strong network.

By finding out the average number of people invited to a funeral or a wedding.

So, what this means is that every time you add a person to your network, you also add indirect contacts. Networking is not giving your e-mails and handing out business cards to whomever you meet.

You can achieve this by initiating a conversation in which the other person enjoys.

You can do this by letting the other person do the talking and asking various questions and subquestions. In the key lessons below, we offer you ten questions which you can tailor to fit people in different professions.


Endless Referrals Summary – Bob Burg | PDF & Audiobook

Family, Occupation, Recreation, Message. If you succeed following our advice, you will be able to achieve great resultswhich you can duplicate endlessly. Okay, now that you know how to network, it is time to move on to when and dndless to network? Do not limit your networking to just events which are tied to your business.

Endless Referrals, Third Edition : Bob Burg :

They are great places to start, that is for granted, but your networking should not end there. Sometimes, he continues explaining his points long after you understood them, but you will not even notice it, being drowned in a sea of useful information. Take this summary with you and read anywhere!

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