Boatmurdered is the story of an infamous Dwarf Fortress succession game that originated on Something Awful. Highlights include elephantine. Perhaps the Let’s Play for Dwarf Fortress, Boatmurdered, was a Succession Game played in one-game-year turns by Something Awful members that quickly . What follows is a succession-style Let’s Play of the game Dwarf Fortress. In it, we chronicle the rise and fall of the epic. Dwarven fortress, Boatmurdered. (Actually.

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Dwarf Fortress – Boatmurdered

Boatmurdered had an elephant problem outside. Different colored symbols in grey rock walls just represent types of exposed mineral, gems, or ore veins. You don’t need to know a thing about the game fodtress genuinely enjoy the playthrough, but a tiny bit of knowledge does help.

Within days, the fortress becomes a bloodbath as omnicidal dwarfs kill each other without mercy or thought. Players would play a year and then pass along the save for someone else.

Dwarves have moods that are affected by the things around them. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

He will suffer in his room until his own kind forget about him, where he will slowly starve to death alone. I see everyone talking about it, can someone give me a rundown?


A three step guide: Boatmurdered is the story of an infamous Dwarf Fortress succession game that originated on Something Awful.

You need to login to do this. Others will have ground that displays as all periods. With all the bodies and items left by the elephants, no one is doing such a low priority task as cleaning up bug remains. Bronzemurder and Oilfurnace illustrated. They can decide to throw a party for their friends, or they might stress out under strain and suddenly kill each other with little to no warning. On the inside, to the right of box 10, you’ll see the symbols are white, instead.

As the editor says, the madness surrounding Boatmurdered speaks for itself. Miasma is the purple blotch that shows up when corpses begin to rot. It causes everything past it to die from magma. They have likes, dislikes, and needs. I’ve included a general key to some common items, below; should you find yourself needing one. First, you would find a river, then a chasm, then magma. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view.

There was also an animation of Boatmurdered being made by LavaLevel a couple of years ago. Thus ends the official written history of the fortress known as Boatmurdered.

Donation linkPatreon. You’ll see them all over.


Things very quickly progressed from somewhat casual daily elephant deaths to retired rulers rampaging and beating people to death while burning alive. Boatmudrered really is no good way to convey the insanity beyond reading the story itself.


Impatient types and those who already know Dwarf Fortress well, please skip straight to the first update. By the end of the thread the fort is in ruins, but everyone agrees that they’ve created the root of evil in the dwarven universe. You would dig into the mountain and the further you dug would be roughly equivalent to digging down in recent versions.

Dwarf Story websites one and two. Then I ran out of designated graveyard space. Community Mods and Utilities list. The elephant is striking down the dwarf. The entire saga can be read onlineor downloaded to read offline in PDF format. Love for the link buddy. Your only objective is to survive the elements while dwaf yourself as cool a fortress as you possibly can before you inevitably die.

TVTropes has a decent page on the subject.