This seems only to have strengthened Drycha’s resolve, for she rules the other Outcasts as a twisted queen in the place of their estranged mother. Drycha herself. hey there. I have a question about Drychas ability Colony of Flitterfuries. As far as I can read it, if she is in range of friendly units, this ability will. Drycha, the Briarmaven of Woe, is a powerful spirit of Athel Loren. Long ago, Drycha held court amongst the roots of Addaivoch, the once-glorious creature.

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This page was last modified on 25 Novemberat Not really as good as the Command the Ancient already came with. She may not be worth it as a support, since she brings little support to the army, but she brings a lot of offensive capability in her true monstrous form.

During either the End Times or the Age of Myth Alarielle had somehow recovered Drycha’s soul in something called a soulpod. The Reaping in conjunction with the Silverwood Circlet is a no-brainer.

So a host of Khainite elves and forest spirits attacked the army around the Oak of Ages; eules you’re wondering why Drycha fought alongside the Khanite elves despite her hatred of non forest-spirits and wasn’t suspicious of them like she was before, your guess is as good as mine. Strong is their hate.

She had been manipulated by the daemon to give it a chance, and now it was going to try and destroy the world. Casts twice a turn and gets two unique spells, so the lack of assess to the Idoneth lores doesn’t come into effect. Drycha sings her own song, a discordant dirge of hatred for all those not of the sylvaneth. Alarielle planted her barbed seed in the hateful chasm known as the Hamadrithil. Let the fight come to you. Just try it out, experiment and if you find some other worthwhile tactic, come and expand this article with it.


This opens a lot of possibilities right there. It’s unlikely her list would ever end because, despite her age, Drycha’s memory was crystal-clear and new names were added with every battle between Athel Loren and the outside world Dwarven-level grudge there.

Sylvaneth – Using Drycha alone? – Forum – DakkaDakka

Usually attacks that hit friendly units explicitly specify that, and usually they are special abilities and not shooting attacks.

If you are already a member then feel free to login now. This is of course just a small taste of all the fun to be had with Wyldwood deycha.

Meanwhile, the shuddersome terror evoked by the massed Outcasts was so great that even seasoned Ironjawz froze before them for crucial seconds, or rhles hurled down their weapons and ran. Fans tend to describe Drycha as crazy, evil, and hot at least part of the time. Alsofor an extra 20 points you could replace Durthu and a dules of Kurnoth with Alarielle who can then summon those lost Kurnoths on turn 1. Tactics Malign Sorcery Path to Glory.

So while Spite Revenants debuff enemy bravery, it’d be better to just deal more wounds to the target outright. Rerolling saves is nice on a high priority target, but the 6 or more, of course, means that that is affected by save modifiers. However, you’ll be down to two lots of 10 Dryads which isn’t great or 10 Dryads and 10 Tree Revenants which is probably worse and you’ll be wasting artefacts and traits on the Branchwraith.


That expanse, known as Vastclaw Valley, remains to this day. Moreover, the valley itself remained bountiful, and the lingering life magic ensured that whatever army occupied the isle had plentiful food supplies.

Age of Sigmar/Tactics/Order/Sylvaneth

Where once drychs glittering seeds of the bladewillows had drifted down across the Thunderlands, now there fell only a rain of ash. You also get to reroll 1s To Wound with Tree-Revenants and Branchwyches and you halve your losses frycha taking Battleshock tests. Drycha immediately turned to stop the daemon prince, but was decapitated by Malekith, who knew that Drycha had been manipulated but deemed her too erratic and violent to trust.

Sylvaneth is mixed in terms of tules price values. Drycha’s model in Warhammer Fantasy. What burst from the rift was no mere Branchwraith. Sadly Drycha can’t take any artefacts or traits, so they all need to go to the Wych. In its wake, Eagderethil began to rise anew. Considering that Spite-Revenants lower Bravery of enemies around them, this quickly becomes very powerful.