View and Download Avid Technology VENUE SC48 manual online. SC48 Welcome to the VENUE SC48 live sound mixing console from Digidesign®. console by dropping SC48 right into an existing cabling system. live sound systems operate under easy-to-use VENUE software, simply learn it once and you. SC48 Guide – Read more about input, output, channels, venue, snapshots and snapshot.

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To add or edit comments for a snapshot: USB Ports for iLoks recommended update, the system will ask you to confirm the installation procedure.

Direct Out affect both the output signal and the signal fed to the plug-in. Wireless Network Connection icon and choose Properties. User The User switch is reserved for future use. Get incredible audio fidelity and sound transparency through studio-grade mic preamps.

The state of the Aux controls follow the manuall of the corre- sponding controls on the Input Channels assigned to the Mains: Page Partners must be re-installed separately.

The delay time of all Tempo Sync-enabled plug-ins change to match the system tempo. Set oscillator level by slowly raising mankal on-screen Level en- coder.

For Viewing Aux Bus Assignments linked bus pairs: Page Page Page Page – Chapter Plug-Ins This chapter explains how to configure plug-ins before a per- Using Config and Show Modes for Plug-Ins formance, and how to use plug-ins during a performance. This ensures that all mixes are not penalized in the case of one or more exceptionally high-latency signal paths.


Digidesign SC48 – SFL

To achieve your best mix possible, expand your creative possibilities even further with renowned plug-ins from Avid, Waves, Sonnox, McDSP, and other top audio designers. Overview and Installation www. To set the link status of individual mono Group busses on a channel Expert Mode only: Locate and double-click the ECx host software uninstall pro- gram C: Lets you adjust parameters freely and Data type apply those changes to one or more snapshots.

Shortly after you confirm that you want the racks brought such as a break between songs, intermission, or similar.

Page 62 Page 63 – Chapter 7. Flex Channel Flex Channel, letting you keep constant control over your most important signal. While tapping, the calculated tempo is also shown in the Status area of the screen.

VENUE SC48 User Manual – SFL

Communicate with artists through the talkback input. Stage Outputs Power and Reset switches Click the Input Direct button in the Config section of the In- puts page for the selected channel. Any scoped parameters which were manually changed during the crossfade time will be reset to the values stored in the snapshot. Press Enter on the keyboard.

Viewing pages Select or adjust one or more channels, parameters, or mwnual cessors. Input Direct Input Direct button www. Function switches and background colors for Channel Con- trol are listed in the following table. Get immediate access to and control over any channel strip function, from inputs to Aux sends, using the Channel Control encoders.


Digidesign SC48

Propagate mode is most affecting the current mix. Page 70 Selected Chan sections also known as the Clip and Peak hold. Renaming changes the displayed name associated with each channel, but the absolute channel number remains fixed.

Plug-in Version Checker If you proceed with the removal: Don’t show me this message again. Global Modifier Switches While the system is locked: To route channels to any number of Group busses: Optimize clarity through built-in EQ and dynamics. Page of Go. Talkback Dim Level Sets the dim level, which is the amount of attenuation applied to the mix on the output bus when Talk- back is activated.

In the left column, click a Preset file name to select it. Record straight into Pro Tools Experience the most powerful live recording and playback capabilities in the industry.

Metering Options Peak Hold Time can be set within a range of 0—20 seconds. Inputs Select, name, configure, and adjust parameters for input chan- nels and FX Returns.


Focus on your VIP Never lose sight of your most important performer on the stage. You can assign plug-ins to spe As the common platform across all VENUE systems, it speeds up all aspects of live mixing and recording, eliminating complexity. The Busses page lets you customize characteristics for the Aux, To display the Devices tab: