The tremolo has become one of b.y.o.c.’s most popular kits through word of mouth. And with good difficulty of the build is low. Welcome to /r/DIYPedals! This is an open community for the do-it-yourself pedal builders of reddit! Please use this subreddit to share. Shop new and used tremolo and vibrato pedals on Reverb. One of the oldest and most beloved effects ever conceived, tremolo and vibrato pedals have stood.

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Q3 and Q4 are: Nick 28 February at A couple have built it and had bykc, but I’ve been over it and I’m confident it matches the schematic. When the effect is in the on boc, use you multimeter to check the voltage on the Sw7 wire, then at pin 7 of the switch, then pin 8 of the stomp and tell me what readings you get.

Also wanted to say I’ve built the 4 knob keely comp and sparkle drive from this place and think its an awesome resource full of helpful chat.

If ground isn’t 0V then there is something wrong with the grounding of the effect. All of my pedals are elaborately finished.


I’ve had a lot of problems building a decent tremolo, the only one that hasn’t had issues is the Colorsound one. Sounds like there is an issue with your offboard wiring.

byoc tremolo?

Just built this and it sounds fantastic. Unknown 5 August at I have 0V on the emiter of Q4but have a very weak signal volume pot max without tremolo.

The indicator LED connections are shown and this will pulse in sync with the oscillator, and because the bypass method stops the oscillator when off, this means the LED will be off too. Really appreciate the help and I love this site.

Please update your browser to use Reverb

Great to hear it’s working! It’s also a lot easier to build. Echovinz 17 March at I want to say your page has been so beneficial to not only me but countless others.

I figured it out.

Skajaquada 6 December at Anyone had a win with this? Here’s some pictures and voltages. Sorry guys I totally missed this, I will update the layout and tag it. Sometimes I think it deserves a name and control labels, but it just feels right all naked and silver.

BYOC Tremolo Build – Finishing POLL! – Page 2

I did have a problem with the rate tre,olo. Unity gain is at about 10 o’clock, above that this thing is boosting like crazy.


Luke Bassett 5 November at I’m keen to build one that works well. Search in titles only Search in Effects and Processors only Search. Tbh I don’t know the ins and outs of the design, but Js and 2Ns are generally interchangeable with minor tonal changes at least in mu amp circuits etc.

Guitar FX Layouts: BYOC Tremolo

I’ve just been over it all again and I’m pretty confident the layout matches the schematic. I have some low level noise when effect is on, kind of police siren sound. I’m going over and over this thing, maybe I should do the echoplex preamp just to have a win? Charles Sale 28 September at boc By the way i couldn’t find any 2n in my local stores so i used a J instead! Paulo Rosa 29 October at Will have hremolo thougher look tomorrow, anyone else having a go at this?