BYK® is a mixture of foam destroying polysiloxanes and hydrophobic solids in polyglycol. This product is the standard defoamer for water-based syste. Mixture of hydrophobic solids and foam destroying polysiloxanes in polyglycol. Acts as a silicone based, standard defoamer for aqueous systems. Exhibits easy . BYK Version 3. Revision Date 01/31/ Print Date 01/31/ 1 / 9. SECTION 1. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION. Product name.: BYK -.

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Several formulations were prepared to determine whether the co-solvent caused instability of the formulation system. This invention pertains to a water-based dry film lubricant composition that has a low volatile organic content VOC.

BYK-028 (25 KGS/PAIL)

In another broad respect, this invention is a metal fastener coated with the residue formed by evaporation of volatile components of a water-based composition comprising water, an acrylic or urethane resin, molybdenum disulfide, and polytetrafluoroethylene.

A metal fastener coated with the residue formed by evaporation of volatile components of a water-based composition comprising water, an acrylic or urethane resin, molybdenum disulfide, ammonia in an amount up to 1 percent, and polytetrafluoroethylene, and wherein the composition has a pH in the range of 7 to The sprayed test panels were subjected to corrosion resistance testing according to MIL-L Typically, the amount of fluorinated polymer is about 3 to about 7 percent.

A nitrogen-containing basic compound is employed to adjust the pH of the system if needed. Different resins were also tested. A method for preparing a construction machine of claim byi to claim water paint, characterized in that it comprises the following steps: If used, the antifoam agent is typically present in an amount of from 0. BYK is easy to incorporate.

The composition is in the form of a dispersion when used. Amount Deionized water Agglomerations were not visible and did not appear when the product was drawn down or sprayed onto a metal flat panel. This example shows formulations where glycol ether co-solvents were and were not used.


In one embodiment, the composition contains from about 20 to about 60 percent by weight of water. Unless otherwise denoted all percentages are by weight.

By contrast, increasing the amount of molybdenum disulfide leads to a longer wear life. In another broad respect, this invention is a water-based lubricant composition, comprising: Formulation 4A, which lacked the coalescing agents, did not flow and level properly. The composition of claim 1wherein the water is present in an amount of from 20 to 60 percent by weight based on the total weight of the composition. The composition of claim 208wherein the polytetrafluoroethylene is present in an amount of from 0.

Method for preparing environmental-friendly high-performance polyurethane waterproof paint.

The process of claim 15wherein the water-based composition further comprises a dispersing agent. The composition of claim 1further comprising at least one coalescing agent.

Fluorine-containing coating composition, primer for ETFE-based coatings, and coated article. Of particular interest bym many military applications are new dry lubricants that are water-based, and which provide both corrosion resistance and lubricating properties. TPM was then added with stirring.

It should be appreciated that the bbyk the amount of resin, the better the corrosion resistance. Formulation 5C flowed and leveled properly over a freshly sand-blasted steel panel. Non-limiting examples of representative surfactants which may optionally be used in the practice of this invention include non-ionic, anionic, cationic and amphoteric surfactants, such as monocarboxyl cocoimidoazoline, higher alkyl sulfate sodium salts, tridecyloxy poly alkyleneoxy ethanol ybk, ethoxylated or propoxylated alkyl phenol, alkyl sulfonamides, C alkaryl sulfonates such as alkylbenzene sulfonates, cocoamphaodipropionate, cetylpalmitic alkanol amides, hydrogenated castor oil, isooctylphenyl polyethoxy ethanol, sorbitan monopalmitate, C alkyl pyrrolidone, cocoaminopropionic acid and polyethoxy amino salts thereof.


US7524797B1 – Low volatile organic content lubricant – Google Patents

The mixed formulations were de-gassed under vacuum, which reduced the volume and viscosity. While all the formulations provided some level of corrosion resistance, corrosion was observed in the steel panels using MIL-L after hours.

In this example, ammonia was used to modify the pH and tested against formulations using morpholine. CN CNA en In general, the molybdenum disulfide used in the practice of this invention has an average particle by in the range from 0.

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It appeared to be byj co-solvent rising above the bulk of the mixture. The coalescing agents used in this invention include a variety of glycol based compounds, including the ethylene and propylene derived glycol ether types. This formulation passed the MIL-L protocol. In this example, another resin was used. Formulations 9D and 9E sprayed reasonably well, but were close to the spray limit for viscosity.

For many applications, spray application is preferred.

The composition of claim 1wherein the binder is an aliphatic polyurethane resin. Formulation 6A was too viscous for spraying, so water was added in nine 5 gram increments to reduce viscosity to a sprayable composition. A construction machine water paint, characterized by: Representative examples of such amines include morpholine and triethanolamine. The binder employed in the practice of this invention is an acrylic resin or a polyurethane resin or both.

Likewise, the composition has a low VOC. Typically, the amount of molybdenum disulfide is from about 15 to about 30 percent.