Diagnostic Imaging Pathways – Endometriosis (Suspected). Population Covered By The Guidance. This pathway provides guidance on the investigation of adult. edit. Advisors: edit. Papers ยท Laporan Pendahuluan Dan Askep Endometriosis more. by Stevanno M Lantang. Laporan Pendahuluan Dan Askep Endometriosis . Tumor jinak pada rahim (mioma uteri). Kanker serviks, rahim atau ovarium; Endometriosis,; Adenomyosis,; Prolapsis uterus,; Terjadi.

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Disruption of hemochromatosis protein and transferrin receptor 2 causes iron-induced liver injury in mice. Histology of chocolate cysts. The endometriosis cycle and its derailments.

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Other physical measurements, such as density and viscosity of the cyst fluid, may also be useful for this purpose. In addition, the activation of the coagulation system due to cyclic hemorrhage of the ectopic endometrium results in the activation of the extrinsic coagulation pathway with resultant elevation of plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 PAI-1 levels in cyst fluid, as reported.

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of fibrosis. Digestion of Hb through erythrophagocytosis results in liberated iron, which is either released from macrophages or stored in a protein complex either as ferritin or hemosiderin. This study provides one piece of evidence that ovarian endometriomas are wounds that undergo repeated injury and healing, resulting ultimately in fibrotic lesions with extensive adhesions.

Portofolio Endometriosis

Clinical value of components of the plasminogen activation system in ovarian cyst fluid. Perut bagian bawah pasien sering terasa sakit seperti melilit, disertai dengan keluarnya darah segar dari kemaluan. In other words, the physical properties enndometriosis the cyst fluid may also contain information on the age of the cyst.

Pasien tampak sakit sedang, kesadaran compos mentis, GCS Awalnya pasien meengeluh nyeri perut yang dirasakan mendadak saat sedang bekerja di kantornya, lalu dapat hilang dengan endometriodis beberapa saat kemudian. We can argue that, for interventional purposes, it suffices to understand just how endometriomas progresses.


Normal endometrium data not shownendometrial epithelium, and vascular epithelium of ectopic endometrium all appeared in dark black. For endometriosis, the extensiveness is not synonymous with the developmental stage of the disease.

The characteristics of the 30 patients with ovarian cysts are listed in Table 1. We found that, compared with black-colored cysts, white-colored ones had significantly higher content of collagen fibers Figure 3A and B.

Thirty premenopausal women with histologically confirmed ovarian endometriomas who underwent laparoscopy between December and March in our hospital were recruited consecutively for this study after informed consent.

After the cyst walls were taken out, they aekep rinsed with sterile saline to remove the residual chocolate-like fluid, and the color of the endometriotic lesion was recorded.

It also shows that older cysts have higher fibrotic content most likely resulting from repeated hemorrhage signaling repeated tissue injury. To quantify the extent of fibrosis, the thickest staining area of each section was chosen to calculate the collagen concentration. If the patient had bilateral ovarian cysts 4 cases endomtriosis, the cyst fluid was obtained from both cysts in an identical manner and processed separately. The endoscopic localization of endometrial implants in the ovarian chocolate cyst.

Our findings are in broad agreement with many published studies. Briefly, a background intensity threshold was set by Image Pro-Plus 6. The Pearson correlation coefficient, along with its statistical significance, is shown in the figure. We recruited 30 premenopausal women with histologically confirmed ovarian endometriomas and collected samples of their endometriotic lesions and chocolate fluid and measured the viscosity, density, and the concentration of total bilirubin, ferritin, and free iron of the chocolate fluid.

Panel B, representative Picro-Sirius red staining endonetriosis of black- and white-colored endometriotic ovarian cysts viewed under a polarized microscope.

Multiplex protein profiling of bronchoalveolar lavage in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

Berdasarakan hasil USG, endometriosis pasien ini terdapat di dalam miometrium. However, it is unclear as why these parameters do not correlate with the size of the cyst. Aside from repeated bleeding episodes and the gradual accumulation of iron in the cyst fluid, we have recently found that activated platelets are critically involved in the development of endometriosis D. Picro-Sirius red staining shows that endometriisis lesions had mostly type I collagen fibers while black-colored lesions also had type Endometriosia collagen fibers and some type III fibers Figure 2B.


Potential involvement of hemoglobin and heme in the pathogenesis of peritoneal endometriosis.

Portofolio Endometriosis

Conceivably, different stages of endometriosis would require different treatment modalities. Epithelial to mesenchymal transition-like and mesenchymal to epithelial transition-like processes might be involved in the pathogenesis of pelvic endometriosis.

Pasien perempuan G0P0A0 usia 26 tahun datang dengan keluhan sering merasa nyeri pada perut endomegriosis bawah disertai keluarnya darah sebelum masuk rumah sakit. The elevated concentration of iron, ferritin, and total bilirubin, along with debris endometrilsis, would conceivably result in increased thickness or viscosity and the density of the adkep fluid.

Panel A, representative Masson trichrome staining results of normal human endometrium top panel and ectopic human endometrium ovarian endometrioma: Taken together, these data supports the notion that older cysts, having experienced more bleeding episodes, contain chocolate fluid that is higher in viscosity, density, and iron content and higher fibrotic content than younger ones. Both Masson trichrome staining and Picro-Sirius red staining indicated that all cysts had various amount of collagen fibers, especially in white-colored ones Figures 2A and B.

Representative coloration of asep endometriomas. Similarly, if over two thirds of the interior surface area of the cyst was whitish, the lesion was described as white in color, and the portion of the whitish specimen was collected. Curr Opin Obstet Gynecol.