AR 190-22 PDF

AR 190-22 PDF

Get the AR Searches, Seizures, and Disposition of Property. – fas. Description. Jan 1, the original form of this regulation that was published on 1. AR , paragraph (b), states: “Searches conducted off military. installations or in areas or buildings not under military control normally must be. Such ar- ticles should be opened only if nec- essary to identify the owner of the ve- hicle or if the container (Army, see AR –22; and. Air Force, see AFP.

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I don’t regret joining by any means. Let’s just say you inspected one of your Soldier’s homes. But I am a member of the US Army which means ad specific to all of us. As for keeping paperwork, you betcha I made copies from then on.

Investigation and disposition of matters pertaining to the fitness of military judges. Originally posted by Will25U: These searches may be conducted in the United States, its territories and possessions, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

When the person to be searched is a commissioned officer, or a warrant officer, the search should be conducted in private by or under the supervision of a commissioned officer, unless such is precluded by the exigencies of the situation. I reenlisted 109-22 six years back in 190-2 Appeals will be filed by State licensing agencies with the installation commander who will conduct a complete investigation and will give the State licensing agency an opportunity to present information.

I’ve got education and have been planning my entrance back into the civilian world for a few years now. Learning all that I can and showing that I exceed the standard on a daily basis works for me both personally and professionally.


I agree with both sides; I enjoy my privacy and getting away from “work”. Seeing-eye or guide dogs will remain in guiding harness or on leash and under control of their blind masters at all times while in the facility. Walked into the living room, it was clean and tidy, no stacks of dirty clothes or anything piled into corners or on furniture. Like I said earlier from reading several of your post in the past, you seem like you are tracking more than the average Specialist.

I agree with 190–22 in that it’s all in the delivery. It’s not that hard to count or remember four people And who the hell gave you the right to do a Health and Welfare?

I’ve tried to reclass. However, the installation commander may authorize labor representatives to enter the installation to distribute organizational literature and authorization cards to employees of private contractors, provided such distribution does not. If you got nothing to hide, why not allow your leadership to get to know you a little better?

Barbarian I’ll try to help with some of your confusion: I also grew up the son of a career Army Officer, so I understand how the Army works. You must be signed in to continue. If you want to base your argument on regs you don’t know, I’m going to quote them to you all day long until you get it.

Army Publishing Directorate

Which is why you’re calling it a Health and Welfare. The regulations in this section are applicable to installations in the United States, and where appropriate, to oversea installations. Sign In or Register. Had before the change in point system. These searches are authorized when based on probable cause that an offense has been committed or on military necessity. This is the second discussion of this type in the last few weeks on here. June 25,ch. Next day I went over, he invited me 190-2, I looked in the kitchen as I walked past toward the living room.


This report will include the reasons for denial, including.

32 CFR 552.18 – Administration.

Forgot to add that I’m very grateful the opportunities that the Army has given my wife and I. This section outlines the duties and prescribes the general authority and general responsibilities of an installation commander.

Persons who are entering the installation should not be searched over their objection, but they may be denied the right of entry if they refuse to consent to the search. The United States Code: Military personnel will not execute search warrants or assist civilian police during a search. A commander may examine the whole or part of a unit, organization, installation, vessel, aircraft, or vehicle, including entrance and exit points.

An installation commander may not require membership in a voluntary sundry fund activity as a prerequisite to hunting and fishing 190-22 the installation. Hitchhiking is prohibited by the Army. And I am not coming at you in any kind of negative way, Arr just disagree with some of your thoughts.

United States Code U.