ARD. Digital Processing. Communications Receiver. Operating manual. AOR, LTD. AOR and the AOR logo are trademarks of AOR, LTD. All other. ARD. 40kHzGHz, Professional Grade Communications Receiver. Cellular frequencies blocked on USA version; unblocked version available to. Find great deals for AOR ARD Wideband Communications Receiver. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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If you’re planning to scan you’ll be better off with a quality scanner.

aoor ENT — This key is used to confirm entry in most menus. Or, press the [DOWN] key to move to the next item on the configuration menu.

ARD General Coverage Receiver Notes by Jim Hawkins – K2JHV

Although the manual states that 3 Ar0501d is automatically assigned to SSB modes to eliminate interference, simply switching to 6KHZ can give you a more satisfactory sounding signal if there is little or no interference to block. I’m sure their engineering staff has the capability. To print the manual completely, please, download it. I’m wondering why this new AOR receiver commands such a high price?

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Panadapter adjustment The manual already shows how to change freq span and moving the spectrum. Thanks for the responses. What should be included in that section is: Status Not open for ar5001 replies. AR-Alpha and a IR that’s an awesome setup! Joined Dec 26, Messages Receive Mode Press this key to select the receive mode. Others think it’s interfering with their operations, or just plain think it’s a mortal sin, but, the fact is that some hams who still operate at 3 KHZ or less use qr5001d equipment, which puts out 3KHZ of audio or less, but have a span of splatter 7KHZ wide and this is acceptable to others.


Use the main dial knob to select the desired memory channel number, sub dial for memory bank to store into memory. Rotate the sub dial to select the desired received mode, and press the [MHz] key to confirm the selection.

Page 10 High frequency Press this key to select the receive mode. This IF output signal may be suitab le as an RF front end for radio signal analysis applications. In VFO mode, select the required frequency, mode, attenuator etc. I own both AR and R You’re not setting this up to please someone else. I agree with scancapecod. AOR will repair or exchange equipme nt as a result of defects in parts or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of original retail purchase from an authorized AOR dealer.


AOR AR5001D Operating Manual

I haven’t tried a D orfrom my experience with their so called flagship receiver, the AR-Alpha, I am zor the or D are better. I think I’m going to give the AOR a shot. Page of 95 Go. Ar50001d hams who are running wideband try their best to stay out of the way to avoid interfering and totally refrain from operating on contest days where contesters are occupying every cycle of the bands, sometimes overlapping each other.

A HF rig will work much better. The ARD will automatically find the next available vacant memory channel. I love my AOR’s and wouldn’t sell them but they are much more for specialized frequency analysis. R cannot do that, also, the R engineers failed to suppress the internal 10 mhz reference signal from showing up in the IF – pretty bad IMO. Page 44 I used to have a Perseus sdr and i enjoyed using the spectrum analysis to pick out signals and Ad5001d thought that it would be great doing the same with one of these in the upper bands.


I haven’t measured it qr5001d, but it appears that the 6 and 15 KHZ filters are much narrower with even more gradual rolloffs. Aorr mainly purchased this receiver to monitor my own signal to make recordings and adjustments to modify the sound quality of my voice signals.

They may have features that are more suitable for your purposes so they are worth checking out. I’d love to run tests on it against the and the but I don’t own either. Press the [FUNC] key, and press the [8] key to activate the alarm function which automatically turns on the receiver at the preprogrammed time or sound a beep. People have told me that I would get much better performance from a dedicated HF sdr like a Perseus? Am I missing something?

So, I hoping for a well priced used one or a price reduction in the near future. I would love to own an AOR-One but the wife has put her foot down.

RADIOHAUS Radiocomunicação – A mais completa loja de radiocomunicação do Brasil

Something like a or would serve your “scanner” needs better. Another feature that drives up the price is the external reference input which is useful in high frequency applications. Leave it off for ap proximately 10 seconds. If you are an SWLer you can enjoy listening to eSSB without having to participate in the bandwidth holy wars, in which case, you can just sit back and sor the squabbles. If you enjoy searching for activity in depth these receivers are among the best you can get.

But, this is all about having choices and it’s your choice and your ears.