Michael Arditti is absorbed by an intellectual thriller Pereira Maintains. Antonio Tabucchi’s novel of a quiet Lisbon man’s political awakening amid the rise of fascism in Europe was first published in Italy in and. The official site of Jeanette Winterson. Page about Antonio Tabucchi – Pereira Maintains.

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This suggests a statement made under pressure from perfira, yet what Pereira maintains can be the wiping of his brow, or simply, “In the afternoon the weather changed, Pereira maintains”. This new son brought to him. Commonly they claim to do so in the name of Christianity itself.

A delightful and gentle book which takes us into the brutal and changing landscape of Portugal insurrounded by the growing forces of fascism.

The excessive shots of lemonade, the chucklesome frown towards the caretaker, the impulsive surges of benevolence, the devout exercise for change, the unexplained reasons of bonding and the adrenaline rush of breaking through: The narrator offers us possible suggestions but clearly none conclusive.

Reasons of the Heart Giving unto Caesar is considered by most Christians to perekra a strict requirement of citizenship. tabuccni

I do both and cannot really say which one works best for me. Its story follows Pereira, a journalist for the culture column of a small Lisbon newspaper, as he struggles with his conscience and the restrictions of the fascist regime of Antonio Salazar. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. A book so well worth my time to read, and with momentous flavors I still am savoring.

Such teachers can inspire if they strike us on a ripe day. Still I ended up loving it exactly as it was. Ma la storia viene a bussare alla sua porta, e proprio sotto forma della morte, sotto forma di Monteiro Rossi. How to repent for the death of his wife? The connection between inner and outer states is very well done, and the inner state is cleverly emphasised by the removal of quotation marks.


I needed something lighter to read recently and found “Pereira Declares” to be just the thing coming in at just over pages. Probably, he wants to give Rossi a break by allowing him to write for his newspaper.

And then I have my wild card, the one I tend to show last and with most pleasure, because it feels like revealing a secret. New Directions February 28, Language: Please try again later. I think this was the reason why I was able to relate to the character of Dr. He edits the culture pages of a minor newspaper — The Lisboa, and all he wants in the summer of is to avoid the heat, ignore politics, and lose a little weight. The simplicity of style packages profound ideas, flips stasis on its head uncovering touching moments bursting with significance.

I enjoyed every minute spent with this book. Intellectually precisely, with sharp plotting and characterization. Paula I don’t like the translation “declares” because it does not deliver the assertive, resolute idea behind “sostiene”. In the US, the title is Pereira Declares: Tabucchi is one of my favourite writers.

Throughout the novel, Tabucchi cites England and the BBC as bastions of free speech, but there is no country without need of this novel’s passionate warning against complacency.

natonio Probably, he sees his younger self in Rossi. I will tell you this: Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs. Certainly they changed this writer. Perhaps it would be more correct to say that his maintaining in the early stages of the book builds up to a declaration in the end. Then he orders his usual – “omelette aux herbes” and lemonade, with lots of sugar.

Pereira Maintains by Antonio Tabucchi – review

I wondered why the five-star hubbub. Not out of modesty but out of his poised craft Tabucchi remains hidden. This book was made into an Italian movie. Fear and hypocrisy combined to create political acceptance, even among those who found its oppressive fascism most distasteful. There are other women too. He prides himself on rising above the political upheavals taking place in late Thirties Europe. But the story grabs you from the first page right through the end.


Monteiro Rossi is much more involved in the events of the times, dangerously so, and he suffers the consequences. Learn more about Amazon Tabucchj.

Next to me is a guy at his early 30’s and all the rest are, as I said, in their teens or in their 20’s. First published in Pereira Maintains will bring new English speaking readers to Tabucchi and that is all to the good.

Sitting in his dingy office above a malevolent caretaker who fries chops and eavesdrops, Pereira determines to telephone Monterio Rossi and ask his opinion on the resurrection of the body.

Despite it being a short novel, the story evolves at a pace that allows you to enjoy the smallest of details: This is not to mention Tabucchi who is somewhere writing this though he is in hiding.

Una lettura casuale di un articolo porta all’incontro con chi il presente lo vive e pian piano, all’inizio quasi inconsapevolmente, Pereira riprende a fare le sue scelte affrontando il mondo che ha di fronte. The book ends with Pereira carrying out the act which has led to his presumed interrogation — so the book is being narrated from the future and the past simultaneously, as it were. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Antonio Tabucchi: Pereira Maintains (Declares Pereira) | Asylum

When the eponymous protagonist, an elderly and overweight journalist, confides each day in the photograph of his dead wife, I experienced their relationship as a living thing.

He seems satisfied with the small life he leads. But what seemed to me most striking about the form of Pereira was its use of the testimonial.

Pereira, for a third-rate newspaper carries much emotional and political weight.