Amreekan Desi, Delhi, India. likes · 11 talking about this. Writer. Satirist. Proud Indian. Author of ‘Amreekandesi – Masters of America’, the. The latest Tweets from Atulya Mahajan (@amreekandesi). Author. Humorist. Lover of Aloo Paranthas. Published in ToI, HT and more. Read my book Democrazy. The latest Tweets from Desi Amreekan (@desiAmreekan). I want to bring America to India!. Always looking for improvement.

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Writers are always comfortable to talk about their era and relive their past life through their characters. Your about page also describes the pain and the pangs I have felt for almost last 30 years.

The beauty of this book is the characters and the simplicity of their nature.

Amreekandesi – Masters of America

Merchants of Doom January 18, Often, the pleasure of reading a good story can be marred due to poor editing, with grammatical errors reflected here and there. It reveals how he and his other By Atulya Mahajan. Its amrekan how you feel at the end after completing the book that matters.

Not every pages book could be completed in a short span at one go unless it has some interesting additives in it and Amreekan Desi has got lot of additives in it. This amreekah, nevertheless, manages to keep you engrossed, and you wish that the characters get their share of happiness. For the others, it is just a reaffirmation of all that they already know. If you are looking for stereotypes, you are amreekaan for a thanksgiving here, as the book is loaded with them. This review first appeared on http: Akhil Aurora and Jaspreet Singh, two young Indian boys leave to the US to complete their masters, while Akhil is on a amrekan to prove himselfearn good amount of money and return to India, Jassi wants to radically Americanize himself.


So after watching that video i thaught this book will reach me amreelan know how Indian Origins are having thier life in America especially Students, and i must say after reading the book i am very much satisfied with this book.

This is a feel good story and does hold a lot of promise. Hats off on a great effort. He claims to be the first man ever to have pack abs, and has reportedly tried about remedies to stop hairfall, all of them albeit unsuccessfully.

So I ran behind him. Disclaimer All content on this site is the personal opinion of the writer. Love the author’s writing style.

Belong to the Congress party [Ok just kidding. They take up jobs to earn money while studying. I being an US graduate myself could easily connect with some of the situations of book. She was asking why he camed back to India, what are the future prospects of India etc. Very much my experience in US too!! It is in no way related to their employer deso their official policies.

During his time in the US, he started his blog to chronicle the lives of Indians living abroad, and this book is the culmination of that vision. What ensues is a series of episodes — some quirky, some hilarious, some embarrassing and some eye-opening when the horny Jassi meets the equally dorky Akhil in the States and both become roommates.


Books by Atulya Mahajan. Jaspreet, on the other hand, is longing to meet those hot bikinis in the beaches of Amrdekan. You cant survive in India without a sense of humor.

This book is a very insightful commentary on how Indian people live their lives in the great Amreeka. It’s characters are dssi us not the complex and “colors”ful ones with real ways and realistic dreams and thats why are easy to visualize.

Amrfekan a great follow on twitter, his sense of humor is obviously judgmental. One of those books which are not easy to put down once you have started if you like humor as a genre. If it hurts your sensibilities, I sincerely apologize. Akhil is portrayed as a young engineer studying in Delhi longing for freedom from his pompous family and wants to prove that he is capable of managing his own life.

About | AmreekanDesi

Jaspreet or Jassi, lives in small town in Punjab. Atulya Mahajan is an Indian author and is the creator of the Indian satire blog amreekandesi. The Lesson of Geeta – Twitter Edition. In simple words, satire is the truth sugar-coated in humor to blunt the impact.