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Discussion in ‘ The Projects Forum ‘ started by ronaldJan 15, Digital clock using 74ls Reply to Thread.

Multisim and Ultiboard

Jan 15, 1. Jan 10, 4 0. I’m working on a digital clock for my project. I can make the seconds go until 59 and reset to 00, but I don’t know where to connect on the next phase.

I built the circuit, but when datashedt seconds goes to 00, the minute does not change or does not count.

I’m using CircuitMaker to draw the schematic. Jan 15, 2. Apr 20, 15, You should be aware that most members do not open MS. PNG format are preferred. You must be using some external gates to sense a count of 59 and enable the next 744ls160d to reset the two counters back to 00 or do a parallel load.


That same condition can be 74ps160d to datxsheet the CET line true on the minutes counter pin That will let the seconds go to 0 and the minutes count up by one.

The same works for minutes to hours. It helps to have a data sheet for the IC. Jan 15, 3. Mar 24, 21, 2, Word is definitely not the package you should use to communicate schematics what beenthere saidso I translated what I could over. Datasheef don’t know if I got the total image or not, since I use an old version of word, but here is what I saw Jan 15, 4. I got it to work, but one little problem.

Digital clock using 74ls160

The seconds goes Any advise how to elminate count 60 and make 00 on the display. Jan 15, 5. May 9, 2, Jan 15, 6.

It goes 60 – As soon as the seconds goes 01, the minutes counts up. Jan 16, 7. Jan 16, 8. Jul 17, 22, 1, You need to use a 3-input NAND, like this: I’m using the digital simulation mode.

Digital clock using 74ls | All About Circuits

In the Student version, analog components resistors, capacitors, etc don’t simulate in this mode, so I omitted the current limiting resistors to the displays. Jan 16, 9. Jan 17, Finally, after 2 weeks since I started to work on this project.


I finished my schematic and I built clock just right now. I think I figured it out.

I used 4-input NAND binary 9 on the ones digit and 5 on the tens digit. Now, it counts Feedback and suggestion on the schematic please. Digital Clock Using Posted by Datashset in forum: Embedded Systems and Microcontrollers.

Digital darasheet using 74LS family Posted by Mbrubaker in forum: Digital Clock Using Gates Posted by ryandezz in forum: You May Also Like: MiPosaur Robot Miposaur is a self-balancing robot that packs quite a bit of technology into a small package. Let’s find out what is inside.

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