Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. The is described as being for use in cascode circuits and as a multivibrator and cathode follower in References: Datasheet & private correspondence. E88CC-TK TUBE DATA SHEET. Mechanical. Also known as the , the E88CC was originally targeted for test equipment and radar. The E88CC has.

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Let’s just consider the triode, and keep things simple for ease in understanding. E55l2 on 26 Jan You can’t set the two plate voltages of each tube individually. I think I understand the reason why when looking at the VT50 circuit design of the driver tube. Cheers Steve 69922 jea48 Jr. Jim My apologies to the OP for getting off topic.

Steve on 26 Jan The only reason I am posting now is to prevent the public from being misled with false information. For general public, consider evaporation of water cools the remaining container of water. This string will be long gone. Cookies help us provide you a better browsing experience. Rp is plate resistance of a tube section, triode, tetrode, pentode etc. However, it is also an excellent topic datasneet a stand alone thread.

Dataaheet, I have seen hundreds, if not thousands of RCA and other brand 6dj8s that were under high stress that measured nice specs after years and thousands of hours of use.

I hope I understood and properly answered your question s Jim. I guess I just did a poor job of asking what I was trying to find out.

The 6DJ8 / ECC88 / Tube

To know the tube life you have to measure the tube S, Ri, mu etcetera Quote from: You can read some reviews of one of my poor designs here. Not a lot better than before I replaced its 15 year old tubes. Steve, You’re playing well within bounds as far as I’m concerned, and I’m learning a heck of a lot in the exchange, so thank you. As far as sections not matching, let’s check out the variables. Unless each section of the tube is closely matched good luck meeting 7’s requirements.


See my previous posts.

ACHiPo on 17 Jan There is no problem supplying 6. This is indication of non-linearity.

The lower the plate current, the less the cathode is cooled by electrons leaving. However, there are extenuating circumstances involving heavy plate current and increased frequencies into the high MHz, and depending upon the tube, in which transit time becomes a problem. The final limitation is the maximum allowable cathode current Ic. The plate structure may not be placed exactly the same in relation to the cathode and grid. At least people who care about good performance don’t like that.

RV1 trim pot is for the input tube and RV3 is for the driver tube. Grid Bias Voltage In the circuit below is biased by applying a bias voltage to the grid via R2. Please specify, post links, where you actually get your bits of information as none of my RCA manuals, whether receiving manual or transmitting manual, RCA Radiotron Designers Handbook 26 engineers, pages on tubes,Eimac, Radio Amateur Handbook, Radio Handbook pages etc state such.

Normally one thinks of resistance as being voltage divided by current equals resistance. Nope that’s not what I was attempting to ask. Jim, I don’t have any issue with you tagging onto this thread, but you might want to start another thread just so folks with a similar question in the future might be able to more easily find the information.


However, over the years I have not keep a time clock on tubes hours.

6922/ECC88/E88CC double triode

Designing a circuit to operate around the cut-off point is not advisable if a good linearity of an amplifier is required. How hard did the designer of the preamp drive the recommended tube? Maybe a bit better then the i say before but after h it is really a lot less then it was new. Here is the bias adjust procedure for the VT50 http: Slightly different spacing between each turn of wire.

First I checked the tube for its’ Mutual Conductance at the 6. His close matching of the last set of tubes I bought from him datashheet work datahseet driver tubes in other audio circuits just fine, but not in an ARC VT50 amp. Ratasheet Allowable Anode Voltage and Anode Dissipation Moving in the opposite direction along the load line, we use the harder and harder, until finally there is no voltage across it.

/ECC88/E88CC double triode | Hifi Collective

They are the special long life h versions of dataxheet normal range they make. As far as transconductance being reduced, reduced transconductance will increase the plate resistance, thus lowering the high frequency response. The input and driver tubes for each channel have to be biased.

The limit of power that the can dissipate is known as the maximum anode dissipation and it appears on the datasheet. So i won’t count on a very long life for a normal tube.