12th Five Year Plan as per the draft document released by the Planning Commission aims at a growth rate of 8%. Other targets of the Twelfth Five Year Plan in different sectors are listed Hi, did we achieve the 12th FYP targets?. Twelfth Five Year Plan Planning Commission Government of India. Faster, More Inclusive and Sustainable Growth Volume 1. Download PDF. Twelfth five year plan (/)/Planning Commission, Government of India. .. inputs into the Plan formulation, and the reports are also available on the .. Foreign Trade Policy. FYP. Five Year Plan. GA. Geographic Area.

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We are working with the international society to tackling global challenges and share the potential for development.

Focus on the development of key materials required for aviation, spaceflight and electronic information. Promote independent brand building, improve brand value and effects, and accelerate the development of large enterprises with world-famous brands and core competencies. Overall planning the construction of public facilities in both up-ground and under-ground lands, comprehensively increasing the levels of transportation, telecommunication, electric power, heating, gas, drainage, waste water and garbage disposal infrastructures, and increasing the disaster prevention capacity.

Building strategic layout of urbanization by taking the road bridge channels and border long river channels as the two horizontal axes, and the sea border, Jing Ha Jing Guang and Bao Kun channels as the three vertical axes, depending on numbers of cities on the axes, and other urbanized areas and cities as important integral parts, so as to foster economic growth and the extension of market spaces from east to west and from south to north.

Set up special funds for the development of new strategic industries and industry investment, expand the size of governmental startup investment in rising industries, give play to the financing function of capital markets at different levels, and guide social capital to be invested in innovative startups. We will formulate and implement limits on energy consumption per unit of production in energy-intensive industries and energy efficiency standards for the end-use of energy-consuming products.

Strengthen the comprehensive management of major rivers and lakes. Implementation policies to support development of minority nationality regions, vigorously promote Tibet, Xinjiang and other minority nationality regions, give aid to development of small population nationalities.

In transforming the economic development mode, the importance of building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society should be stressed to save energy, reduce greenhouse emissions and actively tackle global climate change.

The financial infrastructure construction will be strengthened, and financial markets’ registration, management, trading and settlement systems will be improved. Focus on protection of black land, wetland, forests and grassland, promote the ecological protection and economic transformation of Daxinganling Xiaoxinganling and Changbai mountains.


Poverty [ edit ] The government intends to reduce poverty by 10 per cent 12ht the 12th Five-Year Plan. To support advertising, the healthy development of the conventions and exhibitions industry will be encouraged. Increase the ability of social management, innovate the system, accelerate the construction of service government, focus to solve the original, basic and foundational problems which impacts the social harmony and stability, maintain the stable, orderly and vitality of society.

Improve the grass-roots management and service system; … extend the basic public services function… Standardise and develop professional service agencies such as community 12ht stations to effectively undertake tasks assigned by 122th government authorities. We will maintain farmland reserves at 1. Scientific progress and innovation will support the transformation.

Column 17 — The areas and key points of basic public service during the 12 th 5-year plan period. Improve the ship equipment industry and loading rate.

Twelfth Five Year (), Planning Commission, Yojana Bhawan, Government of India

Implement exemplary application projects of the Internet of things and special industrialization projects of network products. We will improve the public health care network to prevent and control the outbreak of major cyp, increase the standard of average expenditure on basic public health services, expand the basic national public health service programme, implement major fyo health projects, strengthen the prevention and control of major communicable diseases as well as chronic, occupational, endemic and mental illness and enhance our capacity to respond to public health emergencies.

With more than 1.

Stick to the guidelines of conservation first, diversified development based on domestic resources and environmental protection. Increase the number of urban and rural residents newly enrolled in the basic medical insurance scheme by 60 million people.

According to the principle of unified planning, rational layout, perfecting functions and pushing forward the small ones by developing the big ones, and following the objective rules of urban development, depending on big cities and focusing on small cities, gradually forming urban agglomeration with radiation effects and foster the coordinated development of large, middle and small cities as well as small towns.

Pushing forward the reconstruction of the city villages and rurbans. To achieve these goals, the fundamental requirements lie in that:. Key development in the region where resource environmental bearing capacity is relatively strong and economic and population concentration condition is relatively good. Create the 5 large-scale oil and gas producing areas of the Tarim and Junggar Basins, the Liaosong Basin, the Ordos Basin, the Bohai Bay Basin and the Sichuan Basin, accelerate the exploration and development of offshore and deep-water oil and gas fields, and strengthen the production and utilization of coal-bed gas in coal mine areas.


These tasks should be mainly shouldered by the primary and middle schools of the cities or towns that have received the migrant workers.

Retrieved from ” https: We will optimise the competitive sports structure and improve the overall strength of competitive sports. Promote unified, regulated and flexible Human Resource market, improve rural and urban employment service system, and realize a nation-wide employment information database to provide quality service to laborer.

12th Five-Year Plan (India)

Strengthen the coordination of fiscal, monetary, investment, industrial and land policy, well balance the relationship between economic growth, restructure repkrt managing inflation expectancy. Accelerate the construction repot new-generation flight control systems. We must carry out comprehensive adjustments to the composition of the industrial and resource structures, save energy and improve energy efficiency and increase forest carbon sinks, amongst several other measures.

We will promote agricultural products, bulk mineral products, key industrial areas and other fields important to the development of logistics.

This plan will reasonably restrict energy consumption, decrease the growth of industries with high energy consumption, and increase energy efficiency. We will limit air and noise pollution, strengthen the regulation of heavy metals, hazardous waste, and soil pollution.

Further refine and implement the policies of boom old industrial base and the western development policies. Promote the extended application of distributed energy systems. Your reoprt address will not be published.

12th Five Year Plan 2012-17 Targets

Strengthen the management of the affordable house, make a just, open and transparent policy and supervision procedure, strictly follow the standard for access, retreat and charge. Limit the large-scale and high-density 12yh and urbanization development in important ecological functional zone which is related to the ecological erport in the country or greater regional ranges. The approached paper for the 12th Plan, approved last year, talked about an annual average growth rate of 9 per cent.

Promote high-efficiency internal combustion machines, high-efficiency driving, light-weight materials and structures, complete vehicle optimization, ordinary hybrid power technologies, and the energy conservation of automobile products. We should develop circular economy and low carbon technologies Through striking a balance between economic development and population growth, sustainable development will be enhanced. Optimization of urban supermarkets, shopping malls, wholesale markets and other business outlets structure and distribution will be driven forward.

Protect legitimate income and ban illegal fp. Eliminate some high-toxin and high-residue pesticides.